How HS. Works

Programme Details

Co-Found A World-Changing Health Startup

The HS. programme runs over 4 months and is designed to turn talented individuals into a viable health startup ready for pre-seed and seed investment rounds. The selection process is tough and only the best applicants get through. Following this we actively help you build a co-founding team, conceive and test your idea and then identify and create your MVP. We will challenge you to think big and push your own ability to the limit.
As an individual and as part of your team you will receive mentoring and a personal development plan (PDP) to help maximise your chances of success and guide you through the process. The programme culminates in a demo day to investors after which we will continue to support you as you grow for the following 12 months.

  • Step 0 (Month 0) The Application

    The Application

    While meet ups, co-finding websites and serendipity can help you to find a co-founder for your next $1bn health company our experience is that these aren’t very reliable methods and finding a high-quality co-founder with complementary skills and also drive and passion is tough. Luckily we’re here to do the hard work for you.

  • Step 1 (Month 1) Team Building

    Team Building (Month 1)

    Month 1 isn’t about ideas, it’s about teams. The HS. team and mentors will be working closely with you to help you find the best co-founder for you. You’ll be testing lots of potential teams and nascent ideas. We’ll also be helping you start your journey as a founder with personalised goals and learning opportunities.

  • Step 2 (Month 2) Idea R&D

    Idea R&D (Month 2)

    By the end of month 1 we expect you to have formed your team and have a few ideas for potential health startups. You’ll be working with mentors to test your idea, ensure viability and plan your route to market. You will be spending a lot of time out with potential customers and exploring the technical requirements. You’ll be running lots of tests, failing fast and altering your idea as you go while learning lots along the way.

  • Step 3 (Month 3) MVP

    MVP (Month 3)

    At the start of month 3 you will be expected to have a tried and tested idea, customer feedback and a business model. Our tech team will set you up with a website to conduct A/B split tests and call to action tests and you will begin to plan and build your minimal viable product. Our brand team will help you create a marketable startup and develop an online presence.

  • Step 4 (Month 4) Funding


    We’ll help you construct your pitch deck, practise pitching and get you ready for acquiring your first customer and/or pre-seed funding. We’ll get you demoing to early stage investors, ensure your health compliance is in order and look at the best ways to grow your startup.

  • Step 5 (Month 4+) HS. Beyond

    HS. Beyond

    We’ll continue supporting you for a further 12-months.

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