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  • Where is HS. based?

    We’re based in London in the UK. The UK has the largest healthcare system in the world together with one of the best healthcare training systems. If you can make it in health or healthcare here you can make it anywhere.

  • Do I need an idea, team or startup experience to apply?

    Nope. We are unique in that we are focussed on exceptional individuals with a passion for health startups. We look for talented individuals with coding, technical, business and health backgrounds that are the sort of people who have lots of ideas but haven't necessarily found the right idea yet and haven’t been able to find the right co-founder to work towards an idea much bigger than yourself.

  • What do you consider ‘health startups’? I’m not sure my idea fits into this?

    We love everything to do with both health and healthcare. Healthcare focuses on primary, secondary and community-based care and is primarily concerned with current hospital and community health systems that look to provide care to patients and the community. Within this is a huge range of opportunity from designing a medical device, to creating a software system for hospitals to creating an AI that helps elderly people at home.
    Health encompasses even more and includes fitness, well-being and consumer products that look to improve the health of individuals. More broadly public health startups such as ways to improve sanitation in the developing world or improve the efficiency of humanitarian projects are fantastic.
    If you are not sure where your idea fits (remember you don’t need an idea to apply) feel free to drop us an email.

  • Do I need to be a PhD, programmer, have industry experience to apply?

    We select outstanding individuals from lots of different backgrounds. Real-world industry experience is helpful but we live in a time when teenagers can create billion dollar tech startups and we are truly focussed on bringing together the best group of individuals possible to work on something special.

  • What equity do you guys take?

    Our programme is totally equity free.

  • What do we get?

    We look to add exponential value to both you as an entrepreneur/individual and to your startup.
    We put together teams that could not otherwise be made and through mentoring sessions set your team up from the earliest stage possible to succeed in health and healthcare. We’ll save you time and help you to navigate key hurdles for health and healthcare startups.
    On top of this our brand team works with you from day 1 and is essentially part of your early stage startup during the programme. This includes helping you develop a brand, website, marketing strategy and much more.

  • Do I get any investment?

    We feel that the best startups begin with bootstrapping from the earliest stages. We don’t provide any monetary incentives but actively help you gain funding.

  • What is so special about the HS. Programme?

    The main obstacles to health startups tends to be navigating procurement channels, understanding health ethics committees, compliance panels and how to prove that your idea can effect health.
    We have close links to the NHS which is the largest healthcare provider in the world together with advisors at the top level of health science and clinical committees to help quickly identify whether your idea is viable and to then help you effectively turn it into a business venture in the health space.
    We’re not just an ‘accelerator’ and are more of an early stage incubator for health. Our brand team work closely with you once you have your idea (you can consider them part of your startup) and help you come up with an emotive brand, create a website and provide you with key startup infrastructure to get off to a flying start.
    HS. prides itself on its fun but hard-working attitude. We want to have as much fun as possible while working towards an enormous goal: to revolutionise health and healthcare worldwide using tech and startups. Come join us.

  • Is healthcare really that important? I quite like the look of fintech.

    Healthcare worldwide is badly broken with Western countries nearing 20% GDP spend, making current healthcare unsustainable. Current healthcare systems are antiquated and alternatives are expensive and not tailored to key needs.
    Better use of data and technology has the power to improve health, transforming the quality and reduce the cost of health and care services. It can give patients and citizens more control over their health and wellbeing, empower carers, reduce the administrative burden for care professionals, and support the development of new medicines and treatments.
    This is a great opportunity to use your skills to build something bigger than yourself and to have a lasting effect on people’s lives.

  • Is my IP safe? Do you help with IP protection and navigating university IP committees?

    Yes on all 3 counts. Your IP is completely safe at all stages. We’ll help you secure your idea and make sure it is as defensible as possible during the programme.

  • Can I apply to other accelerators after the programme?

    Absolutely! We will even help you choose the ones best suited to your growth goals.

  • Do I need to relocate to join the programme?

    The programme is held in London and there will be regular meet ups however we also encourage productive teams to work in environments best suited to them. There is no necessity to fully relocate for the duration of the programme.

  • Do I need to incorporate my company in the UK?

    We’d prefer if you did however we deal with specific requests on a case-by-case basis.

  • What happens if I quit, my start-up fails, I run into problems?

    Making a successful startup is tough and not all our companies will succeed. Companies that fail after the programme can be dissolved. If you run into problems or a co-founder leaves during the programme we can actively build you into another team or bring you back for a future cohort.

  • I have a specific question not covered above

    We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line and we’ll help as best we can.

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